The Foundation P&V nurtures a sense of social responsibility in young people and active participation in the building of an inclusive society.

The actions and operations of the Foundation P&V are based around 4 principles, inspired by values associated with the social economy: solidarity, empowerment, citizenship and participation.

In this way it intends to support active citizenship and to fight against social marginalisation of young people


The Foundation P&V does not grant any subsidies. It initiates or works in cooperation with various actions. Only within the scope of calls for projects can organisations, which have put forward their application and been selected, be given financial support.


By calling on the social responsibility of young people, the Foundation P&V wishes to invest in the human and social capital required for the development of social cohesion and solidarity in the society of the future.
Young people benefit from experience and have opinions which are specific to their age. The Foundation P&V encourages young people to make a social commitment so that they can take part in the development and management of society. It wishes to contribute to a positive approach to young people, while respecting their diversity and calling on their skills.
Participation is the backbone of all the actions taken by the Foundation P&V. As a driver for social inclusion, it helps to reverse the marginalisation of young people. Young people are invited to actively participate in the development and realisation of projects. This helps to create an informal environment in which they can develop their citizenship.
Participating in social life implies a high degree of self-confidence, autonomy and independence. It is for this reason that the Foundation P&V strives to increase the number of possibilities for young people to meet, express and develop themselves, as well as enhance their creativity.

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