French and dutch speakers: How to communicate with one another?

Within the scope of the European project covering Citizenship/Interculturality/Dialogue, led by PEFONDES, the P&V Foundation has looked into community-based conflicts flaring up in Belgium. A lack of dialogue is characteristic of the situation.

50 citizens from Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels met 5 times, with a view to hearing and understanding each other's stories. The objective was to encourage the intercultural aspect by putting citizens in direct contact with one another, not to debate but to listen to what each of them had to say, and to stimulate constructive dialogue.

If you do not speak the same language, you are considered to be a foreigner, from there, it is easy to fall into stereotyping and prejudice. So as to identify and understand them, a story forum was worked with. This method proved to be particularly productive and enriching, both for the creators and for each of the participants. (Download pdf European guide)

25 January 2011

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